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    Quality That Grows

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    What’s New at Briggs

    Arbutus 'Marina' liners available!

    Briggs currently has a great looking crop of Arbutus 'Marina' tree liners. Abrutus, originally from the Mediterranean grows great along the pacific coast. These strawberry trees have beautiful peeling bark and attractive evergreen leaves. Download the link below to view them!
    View Marina Hot Sheet

    Check out Briggs' C1 Choisyas

    Briggs Nursery currently has some great looking Mexican Oranges, this evergreen fragrant shrub is a great addition to landscapes.? Download the link below to see our assortment of C1 Choisyas.
    View Choisya Hot Sheet

    Gorgeous crop of Black Mondo Liners

    Check out the Ophiopogon ‘Nigrescens’?currently available at Briggs Nursery. Our Black Mondo grass is available rooted in L2s for shifting up or in quart rounds which are perfect for retail. Click below to download our hot sheet
    View Ophiopogon Flyer