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    Gaultheria Procumbens Cherry Berries

    • Gurjit Sidhu
    • 2016 Farwest Retailers Choice Award

    Cherry Berries? features glossy evergreen foliage that turns merlot in the cool of Winter. Delicate, bell-like white flowers in Summer, followed by plentiful, showy, exceptionally large berries, Fall through Spring.
    Excellent in mixed containers(especially for the Holidays!), but great as a hardscape groundcover.
    Best in partial shade, in humitic, well drained soil.
    Pollinator & wildlife friendly.

    • Common Name Cherry Berries? Wintergreen
    • Variety Cherry Berries
    • Zone Zone 3
    • Mature Size 10
    • Bloom Time May-August
    • Plant Type Groundcovers
    • Flower Color White