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    Gaylussacia Brachycera Berried Treasure

    Gaylussacia is an ice age survivor! One colony in Pennsylvania covers over a mile…at 6 inches per year growth, that would make this single colony over 10,000 years old!
    Box Huckleberry is related to Blueberries and is self-fertile. It produces a long (3/4″)drupe-like, blue fruit July to August.
    Its leaves are glossy, minutely toothed, & lay almost flat along the stem. In Fall, they turn a brilliant red-burgundy.
    Prefers full sun to partial shade, and well- drained humitic soil.
    Wildlife & drought tolerant.
    Pollinator & wildlife friendly.

    • Common Name 'Berried Treasure'? Box Huckleberry
    • Variety Berried Treasure
    • Zone Zone 5
    • Mature Size 12
    • Bloom Time May - June
    • Plant Type Groundcovers
    • Flower Color White