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    Magnolia Grandiflora Kay Parris

    • Kevin Parris

    ‘Kay Parris’ is a scaled down Southern Magnolia, smaller, but faster growing than ‘Little Gem’. The shiny leaves have waved margins and coppery velvet undersides. New growth comes out a bit rosy, adding one more dimension. ‘Kay Parris’ has large, fragrant, 7 inch diameter flowers and blooms at an early age.
    Best in the full sun with regular water.
    Pollinator friendly.

    • Common Name 'Kay Parris' Compact Southern Magnolia
    • Variety Kay Parris
    • Zone Zone 6
    • Mature Size 20'H x 10'W
    • Bloom Time June-August
    • Plant Type Evergreen Tree
    • Flower Color Creamy White