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    Vaccinium Nocturne

    • USDA-ARS
    • Royalty Fee

    ‘Nocturne’ is so named because if its dusky black, medium to large, ripe fruit. The taste is sweet and slightly wild. Fruiting occurs mid to late season and the contrast of unripe, coral colored fruit, against the black fruit, is very showy.
    ‘Nocturne’ is a Northern Highbush – rabbit eye cross, it is very vigorous and productive.
    ‘Nocturne’ is highly self-fertile, best fruiting does occur when interplanted with other Northern Highbush varieties.
    Full sun in acidic soil, with regular water and fertility.
    Very wildlife friendly.
    Very pollinator friendly.
    Photo courtesy USDA ARS

    • Common Name 'Nocturne'PP#24,832 Blueberry
    • Variety Nocturne
    • Zone Zone 4
    • Mature Size 5'H x 6'W
    • Bloom Time May
    • Plant Type Fruits
    • Flower Color White