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    Vaccinium Ovatum Scarlet Ovation

    • Gurjit Sidhu

    ‘Scarlet Ovation’ is a compact selection of the Pacific Northwest’s’ native Evergreen Huckleberry. Its new foliage is consistently more scarlet in color and will stay to around a dense 3′ high.
    Late Spring, early Summer flowers yield a fine crop of culinary worthy black huckleberries in the Fall.
    Full sun for the best color & fruiting, but would appreciate relief in the warmest areas.
    Well drained, humitic soil with regular water until established. Fairly drought tolerant in maturity.
    Very wildlife friendly.
    Very pollinator friendly.

    • Common Name 'Scarlett Ovation' Evergreen Huckleberry
    • Variety Vacsid1
    • Zone Zone 6
    • Mature Size 3'H x 3'W
    • Bloom Time May-June
    • Plant Type Evergreen Shrub
    • Flower Color White