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    Quality That Grows

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    Sizes and Minimums

    Minimum Orders

    In order to keep cost low and prices competitive, a minimum order amount applies to new and follow-up orders on a “per variety” and “per order” basis as follows:

    Minimum Orders

    • Liners $2500
    • Containers $1000

    Please call for details on minimums for contract grows.

    Sizes & Quantities Offered

    Plugs and Liners are solid in flats. We do not split flats or mix varieties in a flat. For our Containers, C1’s must be ordered in blocks of 10; all larger sizes in blocks of 5. Additional sizes offered for custom and contract grows.


    • 288's 288 plugs per tray
    • 128's 128 plugs per tray
    • 72's 72 plugs per tray


    • L2 49 cells in a square
    • L3 Separable cells in a square flat
    • TB Tree Bands, 49 deep individual cells in a square flat
    • QT Square Quarts, 16 individual pots in a square flat
    • QR Quart Rounds, 16 individual pots in a rectangular flat
    • 18-Cell Large Tree Bands, 18 individual deep cells in a square flat


    • C1 Trade one gallon pot
    • C2 Trade two gallon pot
    • C3 Trade three gallon pot
    • C5 Trade five gallon pot
    • C7 Trade seven gallon pot